Weight Loss Testimonials

I finally figured out that my body and my age were competing. When I was in my twenties, I weighed 120; in my thirties I weighed 130. This kept continuing, and when i turned sixty, I weighed 160. This just had to stop. That's when Dr. Finegan told me about Skinny Up. I thought it would really be hard and kept trying to figure out how I would fit my busy schedule around such a drastic diet. Finally I just told myself to do it, and I took the plunge.

I don't know what I was worried about--it was easy! Twenty-one days on a controlled diet and I lost 25 pounds. That was a month ago and by eating basically anything I want, I've lost two more pounds. Granted, I'm eating smarter and healthier, which is what the diet teaches you, but I'm not on a diet--not hungry, either--and I'm maintaining my new weight. I'm one happy girl!

Mira P.

I am so grateful for learning about the HCG diet from Dr. Finegan's office! It has truly changed my life. For the past 15 years, I have never been able to lose more than 10-15 lbs on a diet. I have lost 48 lbs (so far) since the end of January, with very little effort - this diet works. Not only the weight loss has changed my life, but the health problems I had are gone. Last Fall I went in for blood work to find out that I needed to do something fast before I got put on drugs for cholesterol, diabetes, etc...the list goes on and on. After one 40 day round of this diet, I no longer have high cholesterol or pre-diabetic issues. I eat better now and feel good about myself. I haven't had to exercise on this diet, which is quite a bonus! I feel great - my mind is clearer and I have tons of energy. It's nice to feel good again.

Kathy L.

I'm soooo excited to lose inches! I lost another pound yesterday so that's 4 pounds in only 2 days, which I am very excited about :-) I realize that now the daily weight loss will probably be 0.5 - 1 lb. so I'm shooting for dropping a pound per day, at least until I hit my "plateau". This truly is a great diet. It's so fun to watch your body start to change and to instantly feel better and look better! Even my skin looks better already!!! It's Amazing!

Megan H.


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